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o Heating Equipment Except Electric
o Heavy Construction
o Hobby Toy and Game Shops
o Home Furnishing Stores
o Home Furnishings
o Horse Breeders
o Hosiery
o Hospital and Medical Insurance
o Hotels and Motels
o House Furnishings Except Curtains and Draperies
o House Slippers
o Household Appliance Stores
o Household Appliances
o Household Audio and Video Equipment
o Household Cooking Equipment
o Household Furniture
o Household Laundry Equipment
o Household Refrigerators and Freezers
o Household Vacuum Cleaners
o Housing Construction - Single Family
o Hunting Trapping and Game Preserves
o Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts
o Individual and Family Social Services
o Industrial and Commercial Equipment
o Industrial and Personal Service Paper
o Industrial Buildings and Warehouses
o Industrial Furnaces and Ovens
o Industrial Gases
o Industrial Inorganic Chemicals
o Industrial Launderers
o Industrial Machinery and Equipment
o Industrial Organic Chemicals
o Industrial Sand
o Industrial Supplies
o Industrial Trucks and Tractors
o Inorganic Pigments
o Installation Of Building Equipment
o Insurance Agents and Brokers
o Insurance Carriers
o Intercity and Rural Bus Transportation
o Internal Combustion Engines
o Investment Advisors
o Investment Offices
o Investors
o Iron and Steel Forgings
o Iron Ores
o Irrigation Systems
o Jewellers Materials
o Jewellery Precious Metal
o Jewellery Stores
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