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o Facilities Support Management Services
o Family Clothing Stores
o Farm Garden Machinery and Equipment
o Farm Labour Contractors
o Farm Machinery and Equipment
o Farm Management Services
o Farm Product Raw Materials
o Farm Product Warehousing and Storage
o Farm Supplies
o Fasteners Buttons Needles and Pins
o Federal and Federally Sponsored Credit Agencies
o Female Accessory Stores
o Female Clothing Stores
o Ferries
o Ferroalloy Ores Except Vanadium
o Fertilizers Mixing Only
o Fibre Cans Tubes and Drums
o Field Crops Except Cash Grains
o Fine Earthenware Table and Kitchen Utensils
o Finfishing
o Finishers Of Cotton Fabrics
o Finishers Of Synthetic and Silk Fabrics
o Finishers Of Textiles
o Fire and Marine Insurance
o Fire Protection
o Fish and Seafood
o Fish Hatcheries and Preserves
o Fixed Facilities and Weighing Services For Motor Vehicle Transpor
o Flat Glass
o Flavouring Extracts and Syrups
o Floor Covering Stores
o Floor Laying and Floor Work
o Florists
o Flour and Grain Mill Products
o Fluid Milk
o Folding Cardboard Boxes
o Food Crops Grown Under Cover
o Food Preparations
o Food Products Machinery
o Footwear
o Footwear Except Rubber
o Foreign Deep Sea Freight Transport
o Forestry Products
o Forestry Services
o Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
o Fresh Or Frozen Fish and Seafoods
o Frozen Fruits Juices and Vegetables
o Frozen Specialities
o Fruit and Tree Nuts
o Fruit and Vegetable Markets
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