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o Carwashes
o Cash Grains
o Catalogue and Mail Order Houses
o Cellulosic Man-Made Fibres
o Cement Hydraulic
o Cemetery Subdividers and Developers
o Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile
o Cereal Breakfast Foods
o Cheese Natural and Processed
o Chemical and Fertilizer Mining
o Chemical Preparations
o Chewing and Smoking Tobacco and Snuff
o Chewing Gum
o Chicken Eggs
o Chickens
o Child Day Care Services
o Childrens Wear
o Chiropractors
o Chocolate and Cocoa Products
o Cigarettes
o Cigars
o Citrus Fruits
o Civic Social and Fraternal Organisations
o Clay Ceramic and Refractory Minerals
o Clay Refractories
o Coal Mining Services
o Coal Other Minerals and Ores
o Coated Fabric Not Rubber
o Coin-Operated Laundries and Drycleaning
o Cold Finishing Of Steel Products
o Colleges and Technical Institutes
o Colleges and Universities
o Combination Utilities
o Commercial and Industrial Lighting Fixtures
o Commercial Art and Graphic Design
o Commercial Laundry Drycleaning Pressing Machines
o Commercial Physical and Biological Research
o Commercial Printing
o Commercial Printing Lithographic
o Commodity Contracts Brokers and Dealers
o Communications Services
o Computer Equipment and Software
o Computer Processing and Data Preparation Services
o Computer Related Services
o Computer Storage Devices
o Concrete Block and Brick
o Concrete Products
o Concrete Work
o Confectionery
o Confectionery Products
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