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o Management Investment
o Manifold Business Forms
o Manmade Organic Fibres Except Cellulosic
o Manufactured Ice
o Manufacturing Industries
o Margarine and Other Edible Fats
o Marinas
o Marine Cargo Handling
o Marine Products
o Marking Devices
o Masonry and Stonework
o Mattresses Foundation and Convertible Beds
o Measuring and Controlling Devices
o Measuring and Dispensing Pumps
o Meat and Seafood Markets
o Meat Packing Plants
o Meat Products
o Mechanical Transmission Equipment
o Medical Dental and Hospital Equipment and Supplies
o Medical Laboratories
o Medicinals and Botanicals
o Membership Hotels and Lodging Houses
o Membership Organisations
o Membership Sports Clubs
o Mens Clothing and Furnishings
o Mens Footwear Except Athletic
o Merchandising Machine Operators
o Metal Cans
o Metal Coating Engraving and Allied Services
o Metal Cutting Machine Tools
o Metal Doors Sash Frames Moulding and Trim
o Metal Foil and Leaf
o Metal Forming Machine Tools
o Metal Heat Treating
o Metal Household Furniture
o Metal Mining Services
o Metal Ores
o Metal Sanitary Ware
o Metal Service Centres and Offices
o Metal Shipping Barrels Drums and Pails
o Metal Stampings
o Metalworking Machinery
o Millwork
o Minerals and Earths
o Mining Machinery Except Oil and Gas
o Miscellaneous Durable Goods
o Miscellaneous Food Stores
o Miscellaneous General Stores
o Miscellaneous Personal Services
o Mobile Home Dealers
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